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Cloudpreneurs Project

Hello, how was your day? I hope it was productive as mine was.

If you  or any one in your network is interested in starting a cloud-based business or already has one, the Cloudpreneurs Project, an initiative of Microsoft Nigeria, Mara Mentor and Fate Foundation, is offering training, tech support and mentorship for young entrepreneurs.

Register on www.mentor.mara.com cloudpreneurs for a chance to participate.

Why You Will Not Start a Business In 2015

Should i start?

Entrepreneurship is great; it gives you the freedom to create something you truly care about instead of working sheepishly for a company you care nothing for, it gives you the ability to create a part of history and affect the world the way you desire to; it gives you control over your time and your financial future. All these are admirable and great but despite all the obvious benefits of starting your business, some people will never do it even if they can and should.

Here’s why; Continue reading

14 Businesses to Start in Nigeria

Grow your income

Last week, I wrote about how I would be looking for problems to solve and providing solutions for them. Sequel to that, I have come up with a list of 15 businesses to start in Nigeria that require almost no start-up fund and can be launched in less than 1 week. These businesses can be started by anyone with the required skills; it doesn’t matter whether you are an undergraduate, unemployed or employed. You can see them as side businesses or grow them into full-fledged enterprises.

Keep in mind that; It is what a man knows, that would feed him

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CBN and The Nigerian Economy: A Short Story


If you have an M.Sc in Finance or a degree in economics, you can skip this piece. The point of it is to try to explain what the CBN did today at the MPC meeting and how it all relates to the wider Nigerian economy.

The communique they released is here

Larry Summers, I think it was, who once said that it is not so easy to understand how the economy works. And Summers has more than one brain. Everything below is a simplification to get the basic points (as I understand them) across.

Increase the MPR by 100bps from 12% to 13%

First thing to know – 100 basis points equals 1%. It really is as simple as that – the CBN increased the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) by 1%. But what is MPR anyway?

Every Central Bank in the world has a broad goal that it seeks to…

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Today’s Thought

Successful people are more concerned with pleasing results. Failures are more concerned with pleasing methods. Successful people do things that are goal achieving. Unsuccessful people do things that are tension relieving. Successful people do the things that are hard and necessary and important. Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, prefer to do the things that are fun and easy and which give immediate enjoyment.

Are you successful or unsuccessful?

Have a Safe Delivery

Mother and ChildEvery female, most especially the pregnant women would agree with me that the most fascinating as well as scary part of giving birth to a child is the delivery of the child. The process of conception of that child is as interesting and enjoyable as you want it to be, the months of gestation (don’t mind my grammar, it means the period in which the woman carries the baby in her womb) can be easy or stressful depending on the mother’s health but the climax of them all is the moment of delivery. Continue reading

I Want To Change The World

Sitting in my office, reading my good friend’s blog (masquotes1.wordpress.com) and deciding whether to finish this Rice + Efo with Egusi soup now or leave some for lunch, a thought flashed into my mind: “It is a good day to change the world, i better start now”.

Pinky_brainChanging the world is now everyone’s goal and it has become sort of clichéd but when is anyone going to get up and start changing the world? Really!!! Changing the world is a very big term and it is a big thing but taking it in bite-sizes it can be done. One particularly irritating thing for me is hearing people reading newspapers or watching T.V et complaining or cursing at what they read, saying how this and that could have done it better. Stop shouting, shut up and change your own world. Open your eyes wide and change the way you look at the world.

If you are an Accountant, look at the world like a bank statement and balance it; If you are a Dentist, see it as a diseased mouth and correct any errors therein; If you are a tailor, see it as a large piece of material and make a beautiful dress out of it; If you are a teacher, see it as a class full of students who know nothing et teach them something worth remembering. Anyone doing anything can make the world into whatever he/she wants, it could be you, it could be me but much better it could be us. Stop complaining and pointing fingers at people who are trying their little best to do something the way they know it, if you know a better way, please go ahead and do it. It is foolishness to blame a cobbler for breaking the brakes of a car while trying to fix the engine!

Work towards changing your own world:

  • Change the way you see the world; stop seeing it as a place that would never be any better. Look at it with eyes of love knowing the key to making it into what you want is in your own hands. Respect it, Cherish it, Speak well of it and it would become different.
  • Change the world your family knows; stop painting pictures of gloom and doom to your children and spouses. Show them a better world; love your siblings and parents. Don’t repay evil for evil, forgive even before you are hurt, go out of your way to help. Give up your comfort for them. Show them how just one person’s attitude can make a change and pass on the fire to change the world (you have added at least 1 more person to your quest and would have changed the world for at least that 1 person)
  • Change the world in your workplace; show everyone that your workplace can be better if everyone has a right attitude. Do all things without complaining, mind your own business, and love the person next to you. Call and check-up on anyone not present, do your work with enthusiasm and value to your position. If you are not directly requested to do a particular work but you are able, do it. Take the initiative and change the way things are done.

And then you would have changed the world, by just deciding to leave a place better than you met it!

How are you going to change your world? Think about it and share your thoughts with me

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Here is the plan!

This is my first official post and its just to let you know what to expect from this blog.

This a personal blog. I will be writing about my life and various experiences on this entrepreneurial journey. Everything written in this blog is  my intellectual property, unless otherwise stated. I set up this blog to keep a diary of my thoughts and most importantly in the hope that what i share will inspire aspiring and already established entrepreneurs to keep up in this journey. I am the principal writer of this blog; however, visionary entrepreneurs would from time to time be invited to share their experiences and thoughts on this blog.

Look forward to the following on this blog;

  1. A new article every Wednesday by 9:00pm.
  2. Inspiring Quotes every morning
  3. Great Pictures
  4. Book Reviews (of a great book, i just completed) on the last wednesday of every month
  5. Person of the month; celebrating visionary entrepreneuers who we can model

I would be discussing a wide range of topics that range from family life and parents to employees and bosses. Every and anything that can affect the entrepreneur in anyway, is a topic on this blog. Feel free to add your thoughts by commenting on the articles.

I look forward to a great time here!